Plasma Physics Initiative

The TAP Plasma Physics Initiative (PPI) uses theory and numerical simulation, combined with remote and in situ observations of space and astrophysical plasmas, to constrain fundamental questions about how energy, mass, and momentum are injected into, transported through, and removed from a wide variety of plasma systems throughout the Universe.


TAP Plasma Physics Lecture

Jason TenBarge, Princeton University

The Plasma Physics Initiative hosted Jason TenBarge Sept. 25-29, 2023.

TAP Plasma Physics Lecture
Title: New Perspectives on Diagnosing Electron Energization in Magnetic Reconnection

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“Ion-driven Instabilities in the Inner Heliosphere. II. Classification and Multidimensional Mapping”
“Parker Solar Probe: Four Years of Discoveries at Solar Cycle Minimum”
“Estimation of Turbulent Proton and Electron Heating Rates via Landau Damping Constrained by Parker Solar Probe Observations”

Opportunities to Engage


Our first in-person meeting for the TAP plasma initiative in Fall 2023 will be in late August 2023 and will continue monthly thereafter. Please subscribe to the mailing list for details.

Solar and Heliospheric Research Group

The Solar and Heliospheric Research Group seeks a greater understanding of the diverse plasma processes at work throughout our solar system and the universe. Research topics range from the physics of the solar interior and atmosphere to the solar wind, energetic particle transport, and acceleration processes.  Email Profs. Joe Giacalone Kris Klein, or Shuo Kong to join the mailing list for group meetings.