TAP Initiatives

The TAP Initiatives feature six interdisciplinary efforts developed to focus scientific discussions and advance large proposal development efforts involving multiple scientists across Astronomy, Physics, Planetary Science, and relevant partnering departments, institutes, centers, units, and interdisciplinary programs. The TAP Initiatives are designed to enable interdisciplinary conversations among theorists, observers, and experimentalists on these topics.

The Initiatives meet regularly for short talks on current research, discuss new directions, and foster collaboration on projects of mutual interest among TAP members. Discussions are informal and geared towards sharing research and identifying collaborative opportunities.

All TAP members are welcome and encouraged to join these conversations. Please contact the lead person for more information and meeting dates.

Planet Formation Initiative

Contact: Erik Asphaug
Professor, Planetary Sciences

Contact: Andrew Youdin
Associate Professor, Astronomy

Computation and Data Initiative

Contact: CK Chan
Assistant Research Professor/Data Science Institute Fellow, Steward Observatory

Contact: Ann Zabludoff
Professor, Astronomy

Gravity Initiative

Contact: Sam Gralla
Associate Professor, Physics

Contact: Vasilis Paschalidis
Assistant Professor, Astronomy

Cosmology Initiative

Contact: Peter Behroozi
Associate Professor, Astronomy

Contact: Eduardo Rozo
Associate Professor, Physics

TAP partners with the Arizona Cosmology Lab

Plasma Physics Initiative

Contact: Joe Giacalone
Professor, Planetary Sciences

Contact: Kris Klein
Assistant Professor, Planetary Sciences

Contact:  Shuo Kong
Assistant Professor, Astronomy

Dynamics Initiative

Contact: Kate Daniel
Associate Professor, Astronomy

Contact: Kaitlin Kratter
Professor, Astronomy

Contact: Renu Malhotra
Professor, Planetary Sciences