Graduate Student Research Prize

The Theoretical Astrophysics Program (TAP) seeks to award one student at the University of Arizona with the Graduate Student Research Prize. Beginning in 2020, this will be an annual competition in order to more frequently highlight students conducting exceptional theoretical astrophysics research. The application period opens each November with applications due mid-January. Please join the TAP mailing list to receive future announcements.

The winner of the completion will receive a commemorative plaque, a $500 cash award, and an invitation to present their work during the spring colloquia series. Review and selection are done by committee and are based on the quality and originality of the research.

The TAP was pleased to award Gabriele Bozzola (Vasilis Paschalidis, advisor) with the 2022 Graduate Student Research Prize.

The 2023 competition will be announced in November 2022. Subscribe to the TAP listserv to receive future announcements.

Eligibility criteria:

1) Must be either a current grad student or < one-year post-Ph.D. completion.

2) Original research article submitted or published in a peer-reviewed journal within the previous two years.

3) Provide a one-page summary outlining the importance and context of the work.

4) Submit research advisor endorsement statement, including an estimate of the student’s percent contribution to both the research and the writing (minimum 60% student contribution expected).

Please contact Rosie Johnson, TAP Project Manager, with any questions. 

Graduate Student Research Prize Recipients

Name Department Year
Gabriele Bozzola Astronomy 2022
Nicolas Garavito-Camargo Astronomy 2021
Joshua Lothringer Lunar & Planetary Lab 2019
Youngmin JeongAhn Lunar & Planetary Lab 2016
Evan Schneider Astronomy 2014
Tim Johannsen Physics 2011
Curtis Cooper Lunar & Planetary Lab 2006
Martin Pessah Astronomy 2006
Todd Thompson Physics 2000
Sharada Iyer Physics 2000
Chris L. Fryer Astronomy 1996
William Sears Lunar & Planetary Lab 1994


Small Matching Grants Program

The TAP small matching grants program seeks to provide conference and travel resources to undergraduate and graduate students in the final stages of their program to increase their visibility in the job market.

Grant awards up to $1,000 may be used for conference and/or research-related travel, or professional supplies/equipment. Please see application for proposal criteria. Preference will be given to new applicants and those in the later stages of their degree program.

The application period for 2023 awards will be announced November 2022, to support spring conference participation. Application availability will be announced through the TAP listserv.


Past Recipients of Matching Grants

Click on the tabs above to view the past recipients by year

Sabrina Abate –

Atri Bhattacharya – Physics

Rixin Li – Astronomy

Rachel Smullen – Astronomy

Etka Patel – Astronomy

Carolyn Raithel – Astronomy

Etka Patel – Astronomy

James T. Keane – Lunar and Planetary Science Laboratory

Gabriele Bozzola – Astronomy

Saverio Cambioni – Lunar and Planetary Science Laboratory

Pedro Espino – Physics

Hamish Hay -Lunar and Planetary Science Laboratory

Rixin Li – Astronomy

Rachel Smullen – Astronomy

Maria Steinrueck – Lunar and Planetary Science Laboratory

Adam Sutherland – Astronomy

Tyler Trent – Astronomy

Jiachuan Xu – Astronomy