Sam Gralla, Associate Professor of Physics and TAP Faculty Member, will provide the opening-night talk for the 2024 College of Science Lecture Series. This annual event, held at UArizona’s Centennial Hall (and via livestream) features current innovations in science across a broad variety of topics.  This year’s lecture series is titled, “Surprise Twists That Transformed Science.” 




Dr. Gralla’s talk, Surprised by Gravity: Black Holes and Their Shocking Innovations” is scheduled for Wednesday, February 7, 2024. See below for an overview of his talk:


“For most of history, humans conceptualized the cosmos as calm and orderly. When the first cracks in this viewpoint emerged in the early 20th century, nobody could imagine the wild extremes that would be discovered over the next hundred years. Join Dr. Gralla as he tells the story of black holes: bizzare objects just barely conceivable – and still challenging physics today  which nevertheless populate our universe in untold numbers, underlying some of the most spectacular astronomical displays. 

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