TAP Colloquia – Spring 2023

The TAP Colloquia Series resumed in January for the Spring 2023 semester, including in-person and Zoom options. All talks can be found on the TAP YouTube Channel.

TAP “Meet Yourself” Event, January 30, 2023

Speaker Line-Up:

  • Jonah Barber (Physics) “Cosmological Stasis”
  • Haley Bowden (Astronomy) “What information do surrounding galaxies tell us about dark matter halos?”
  • Yangyang Cai (Physics) “Dynamics of ultrarelativistic particles with strong radiation reaction”
  • Dr. Adeene Denton (LPL) “Probing Oceans Inside Icy Planets and Moons by Modeling their Impact Basins”
  • Jiachuan Xu (Astronomy) “Kinematic Lensing”

Dr. Evan Bauer, Special TAP Colloquium. February 13, 2023

Mikhail Ivanov, Hubble, Institute for Advanced Study. February 20, 2023

Brian Metzger, Columbia University. February 27, 2023

Martin Pessah, Niels Bohr Institute. March 13, 2023

Gorge Moreno Soto, Pomona College. March 27, 2023

Caroline Morley, University of Texas – Austin. April 10, 2023

Susan Clark, Stanford University. April 24, 2023