The TAP is pleased to announce that Haowen Zhang has been selected to receive the 2023 Graduate Student Research Prize.

Haowen was selected as the awardee based on his demonstration of exceptional theoretical research in his recent paper published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Trinity I: Self-Consistently Modeling the Dark Matter Halo-Galaxy-Supermassive Black Hole Connection from z=010.

Peter Behroozi (Associate Professor, Astronomy) described the science merits of Haowen’s work “He built the first model capable of self-consistently combining information from both galaxy and supermassive black hole datasets, which placed tight constraints on how the black hole – galaxy relationship evolved in the past. His work not only resolved this longstanding question, but it is also answering many other more recent puzzles that have come to light, for example, why supermassive black holes can grow so quickly in the early Universe), and it is being used to predict measurements with future gravitational wave observatories.”


Haowen will be invited to provide a TAP colloquium during the Fall 2023 schedule. Join the TAP mailing list to receive program announcements.


Image credit: NASA/ESA Hubble