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National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory (NOIRLab) is the US national research & development center for ground-based night-time astronomy. Our mission is to provide public access to qualified professional researchers to forefront scientific capabilities on telescopes operated by NOAO as well as other optical and infrared telescopes. Today, these telescopes range in aperture size from 2-m to 10-m.

In support of this mission, NOIRLab is participating in the development of telescopes with aperture sizes of 20-m and larger as well as a unique 8-m telescope that will make a 10-year movie of the Southern sky. NOIRLab is also engaged in programs to develop the next generation of instruments and software tools necessary to enable exploration and investigation through the observable Universe, from planets orbiting other stars to the most distant galaxies in the Universe. Find out more here:

Since it was started in 1976, the Interdisciplinary Program in Applied Mathematics at the University of Arizona has grown in size and stature and is now a highly regarded interdisciplinary graduate program, both nationally and internationally. The great strength of the Program lies in its large body of distinguished faculty who come from many different academic disciplines in the mathematical, physical, biological, and engineering sciences. The breadth and depth of endeavor has created a vital and exciting environment in which to work. If you are a potential graduate student interested in obtaining a Certificate, MS and/or PhD in Applied Mathematics; click to Request More Info or to Apply to the Program.

The Program in Applied Mathematics at the University of Arizona is an internationally recognized, interdisciplinary program offering a unique environment for students who wish to continue their studies of mathematics and its applications leading to a Certificate, Masters (MS) and Doctoral (PhD) degrees (Request Info Here). The Program has faculty members from a wide range of academic disciplines who provide Program students with research opportunities in the physical, engineering, biological, mathematical, and computational sciences in which mathematics, mathematical modeling, and computer simulation play a central role. In addition to offering graduate degrees in applied mathematics, the Program supports the hiring of faculty in other departments interested in interdisciplinary research in the mathematical sciences.


Southern Arizona has one of the largest concentrations of astronomical organizations in the world.

Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab

Mount Lemmon SkyCenter

Mount Graham International Observatory

Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium

Kitt Peak National Observatory

Planetary Science Institute


Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)

The Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope, Vatican Observatory